Arizona Resources for DUI Victims

December 17, 2018 | Articles

When you or a loved one are the victim of a drunk driving accident, your entire life can be altered. Those who survive these accidents are often left with injuries and trauma that require support and assistance to cope with. If you’re looking for DUI victim help in Arizona, here’s a list of starting points:

Funeral and Burial Expense Assistance

Funeral expenses are difficult for many families to handle under the best of circumstances. Doing so suddenly, without time to properly prepare and with the added stress of grief and trauma can make pulling together the funds to pay for burial nearly impossible.

Most counties in Arizona have their own fiduciary office. Contact your family’s nearest office for more information about covering these costs and providing a dignified burial for your loved one.

Grief Support

Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, the loss of your livelihood, or simply the loss of your good health, mourning loss after a car accident or DUI injury is common. Because of the large scope and variance in experiences of grief after these incidents, it’s a good idea for you and your loved ones to seek counseling through group support and talk therapy. Grief support groups exist in many areas of Arizona, including groups targeted toward helping children with grief.

You may also be interested in a DUI victim impact panel. Many times, victims and loved ones who are impacted by the actions of those convicted of driving under the influence feel as if their voices and stories go unheard. Through participating in one of these panels, your input is used to help those charged with DUI understand the impact of their actions and improve their driving habits in the future.

Injury Support

Perhaps one of the most important DUI victim resources is injury and trauma support groups. Dealing with these life-changing injuries – spinal and brain injuries, permanently-disfiguring burns and more – can be difficult. Having the opportunity to meet with others is a great way to relieve some of the stress and find comfort in others with similar scenarios – as well as to share resources for making life with those injuries easier.

Disability and Amputee Support

Just as living with the ongoing impact of a brain or spinal injury can be life-changing, so too can be the impact of living without a limb or coping with disability. These are both common results of DUI accidents, leaving those who are involved without the means to work, attend school, and perform other basic tasks. Even though support for people with profound disabilities has increased, there is still a notable lack of assistive service for those who came to be in that state through trauma. DUI victim-focused support groups assist these victims with the many facets of adjusting to and living a fuller life as a disabled person.

For more information on DUI victim resources, contact the experts at AZ DUI Victims. Have you been a victim of a driver under the influence? Talk to our legal team for representation today.