DUI Accident Investigation Procedures

December 3, 2018 | Articles

The cost of DUI accidents can be large, and the consequences associated with it can go beyond individual safety. In the aftermath of an accident, an investigation must be conducted to mitigate any further consequences from spreading. However, not just anybody can conduct this investigation. It takes a professional who is well-versed in the conduct of investigative techniques and is knowledgeable of legal procedures and requirements.

For this reason, the best person to investigate in the wake of a DUI accident is an accident lawyer or someone who has access to accident victim resources. As their name suggests, DUI accident lawyers are professionals who are knowledgeable in securing, processing, and operationalizing legal requirements which are specifically related to DUI accidents.


An expert accident lawyer will draw up possible causes behind the accident and see which ones are most plausible. They make use of several causation models which take into consideration the various factors that may have affected the outcome. Once a hypothesis has been drawn up, the accident lawyer will confirm his or her empirical guess through a more in-depth collection of data. He or she may begin to gather physical evidence, or interview witnesses to get first-hand accounts of the accident. Both will contribute to forming the bigger picture behind the outcome.

Finding a Lawyer

Many complex causes could contribute to the tragic outcome of an accident. Once it has already occurred, however, the important thing is avoiding any further risks by employing the help of a professional. An accident lawyer who is an expert working with DUI accident victim resources can rightly get the job done.

Selecting the right accident lawyer to do the job can be a difficult task. If you’re nearby Tempe or working in Arizona, AZ DUI Victim provides quality services. Find an expert accident lawyer today!