Can I Still Sue Someone After a Verdict in a DUI Case?

September 3, 2018 | Articles

The thought of being hit by a drunk driver is horrific. Our parents warn us about it when we first get behind the wheel, and they remind us of the dangers again and again as we move closer to the legal drinking age. However, millions of people do not heed these warnings and millions more are injured or even killed in DUI accidents every year.

If you or a loved one are among those victims, you may be wondering when the appropriate time to pursue compensation is – especially if your case is going or has already gone before the court. Regardless of if the person at fault for your injuries has been found guilty of DUI, you still have grounds to sue.

Consider a Settlement First

There are very few situations that will cause an insurance agency to jump through hoops the way a DUI case will. Because the likelihood of a massive monetary award is high in the case of an insured person being held legally responsible for a DUI injury when tried by a jury of sympathetic people, these agencies are likely to rush to offer settlements. Even a large settlement is better than being forced to pay the damages they may be found truly owing, so don’t be afraid to push for more if you feel an offered settlement is too low. Additionally, don’t let the thought of “settling” deter you – you’ll be getting the compensation you deserve regardless, all without the hassle of a trial.

When Suing is Your Best Option

If you and the DWI victim law firm you’re working with feel that a trial is in your best interest, there are several ways to proceed. One of your first concerns will be whether you reside in a so-called “no-fault” state. This makes determining the party at fault for the accident difficult and getting a verdict in this kind of case even more difficult. However, a good DUI victim help service should be able to direct you to legal assistance for this very scenario – assistance that can guide you through the next step of proving the injury was caused by the driver’s negligent actions and claiming your compensation for that injury.

Ultimately, your decision to pursue damages from a person at fault for your wrongful injury due to drunk driving should be one made with the guidance of your DUI victim attorney. Agencies like AZ DUI Victim can help you find the right legal counsel to help you navigate this frustrating process – and begin putting your life back together as you recover.