Legal Help for Drunk Driving Victims

August 20, 2018 | Articles

29 people in the U.S. pass away every day because of motor vehicle crashes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. When you break those numbers down, that’s about one death every 50 minutes. In addition to the death toll, the annual cost of crashes related to alcohol has reached a staggering $44 billion.

Given the statistical data, a lot of people find themselves involved in a DUI case. If you find yourself in the same situation through no fault of your own, here are tips to help you find the legal help you need as a drunk driving victim.

Start with the Lawyer’s Experience

When you look for an accident attorney, make sure you take a good, long look at the lawyer’s experience. A lawyer who is highly skilled in handling an array of accident cases can provide you with the guidance and help you need.

Ask About Your Lawyer’s Focus

Get a lawyer with extensive experience in handling car accident cases. Better yet, find someone who focuses in providing legal help to drunk driving victims. Years of service in the field will give your lawyer the ability to identify the nuances of the case. S/he won’t miss a detail. That’s going to help build your case so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Know Your Lawyer’s Reputation

It’s not enough to hire an attorney. You need to find someone with an excellent reputation in the field. That’s going to give you the best advantage in court. To find out, do your homework. That should help you determine the lawyers who fit the bill.

Consider Communication

It’s essential that you hire a dedicated lawyer. If your lawyer doesn’t provide you with updates on your case or is difficult to contact, then you may not be getting the best legal help out there. Find someone who not only has the right credentials to take on and win your case; look for someone who cares about getting you the best results.

Seek Personalized Attention

Don’t hire a lawyer whose claims they’re too busy to give your case the time and attention it needs. Get a lawyer who treats you like an individual, not a case number. If you’re looking for an experienced drunk driving victim attorney in Arizona, contact AZ DUI Victim.