AZ Drunk Driver Kills 20 Yr Old

July 16, 2018 | Articles

DUI Victim News: Desiree Sabby

20-year-old Desiree Sabby was on her way home from working overtime when she was killed by a drunk driver. The incident occurred Saturday, June 9th  2018 after 3 A.M. on the Arizona I-17 highway.

The perpetrator was Tolleson-resident Aaron Michael Larson, 25. Larson had stopped on the number 3 lane, passed out. A vehicle had swerved to avoid hitting Larson’s car, but Desiree was not able to stop in time. She struck Larson’s car and was trapped inside her vehicle. When she was extricated, she stopped breathing and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Larson was uninjured. He’s been arrested for DUI and second-degree murder.

The Perpetrator

According to Larson, he had consumed three Shock Tops and a Miller Lite before driving. According to police reports, he was already out on bail for a previous alcohol related offense. In November, he had drunkenly shot his friend at a party and severed his spinal cord.

The Victim

Family members describe Desiree as a homebody who wasn’t out partying. She wanted to go back to school and was driving home from a recently late-night shift. “He took my sisters life away. I’m never going to see my sister again. I’m going to relive when [the police] came to my house every day for the rest of my life,” said Danielle Sabby.

What We Can Do

Desiree’s story is tragically not the only one. In 2015 alone, 272 DUI-related fatalities occurred in Arizona. When a loved one is taken by a drunk driver, families are often left to pick up the pieces. On top of their devastation, they must deal with medical and funeral expenses.

No money in the world can replace the life of a loved one. But a dedicated civil lawyer can ensure the unexpected costs that come with a DUI fatality are taken care of, leaving you to cope in peace. If you’re in need of a DUI victim lawyer, contact AZ DUI Victim today.